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Static site generators focus on the wrong thing

Previously I used Jekyll for blogging. There has been a lot of interest in using static site generators for blogging. I think most of the SSGs get this wrong. The biggest requirement for frequent blogging is that friction to publish should be minimal. SSGs have this git comit,push cycle which is not very frictionless. Jekyll does not scale well. It takes minutes to compile in case you have lots of posts. There are other problems.

I have a hypothesis : The more advanced the SSG, the higher is the friction to blogging. Take Hakyll for example. Lots of people who start out with Hakyll post about their custom hakyll setup and its power and flexibilty as it can be used as a library in Haskell. I feel that Hakyll sites are least updated and most abandoned. Of course, there are outliers. But I am focusing on the majority.

The point is not that all this friction can be automated away. The...

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